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Terms and Conditions


The mGuard Secure Cloud public (hereinafter “the Cloud“) is a professionally
hosted and multi-client capable infrastructure for secure remote connections via the
internet. Fully comprehensive use of the Cloud and its services associated with costs
in particular requires the one-time acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by
checking the box below for mGuard Secure Cloud public by the registered Client. 

§1 Definition

The Cloud comprises the following components and services:

1. A Service-Gateway for connecting service workstations with the Cloud by means of a
Virtual Private Network (VPN) via the internet using an mGuard device or a supported
software VPN client on the workstation side.

2. A machine gateway for connecting machines or systems with the Cloud using a Virtual
Private Network (VPN) via the internet by means of an mGuard device or supported Phoenix
Contact cellular modem   on the side of the machine or system.

3. A web-based Portal application serving as the user interface to administer users,
 machines, configurations, etc.

Details on the technical system requirements for using the Cloud; hereby
supported scenarios, hardware and software products as well as any restrictions on
quantities, sizes and other parameters are described in the respective updated release
notes for the Cloud. mGuard devices or software VPN clients to be used on the side of 
machines and service workstations are not part of the service offered and have to be 
provided otherwise by the Client.

§2 Provision and use

(1) For the duration and within the scope of period of use, Phoenix Contact Services
shall grant the Client and the operators of the service workstations and machines
registered by him for the connection to the Cloud the non-exclusive right to use the 
Cloud for the connection of service workstations and machines.
The VPN connections to the service gateway or machine gateway of the Cloud can be
activated either permanently or only when needed.

(2) Upon registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and with the
activation of his account, the Client shall get virtual IPv4 address ranges determined
in the Cloud for service workstations and machines, only available for VPN connections
of the Client for the duration of the account activation.

(3) When commissioning VPN connections for service workstations or machines, the Client
shall provide the information required for generating the corresponding configuration 
via an online form in the Secure Cloud web portal. As a rule, the communication of the
systems connected to the Cloud with their respective local network environment and
within the VPN connections in the already provided configurations is not further
restricted by firewall rules.

(4) It should be noted that the Cloud is a multi-client system and that the Client is
not entitled to the provision of a dedicated physical Cloud system for his exclusive
own use.  

(5) This Agreement does not include the provision of Internet access for the service
workstations and machines of the Client but only the Internet connection of the Cloud.

§ 3 Service and support for installation and operation

(1) For each commissioned VPN connection to the Cloud a non-recurring operational
configuration for one of the components approved for the use with the Cloud
(mGuard devices, Phoenix modems, software VPN Clients) shall be made available at the
option of the Client. The configuration shall be tested in advance for functionality
and then made available via the Secure Cloud web page for the Client to download.

(2) To assist with potential troubleshooting and to provide information about the
operation of the VPN connections, the Cloud shall record log data on connection
states and keep them for a maximum of 18 months.

§4 Liability

(1) Any claims of the Client that exceed the aforementioned limits shall be excluded.
This shall apply to any damages caused by breaches of duties and defects including
loss of production, loss of profit or other indirect damages.

Compensation for damages for breach of cardinal obligations shall be EXCLUDED.
Cardinal obligations are such obligations the fulfillment of which actually enables
the due and proper performance of the Agreement and the observance of which the
contractual partner may regularly rely on.

(2) Phoenix Contact shall not be liable for malfunctions of the mGuard SECURE CLOUD 
PUBLIC caused by the Client, for instance as a result of faulty configuration changes
on mGuard devices or Software VPN Clients.

(3) Phoenix Contact shall not be liable for failures of machines and systems resulting
from the unavailability or malfunction or incorrect configuration of the mGuard SECURE

(4) Phoenix Contact is dependent on available telecommunication services of third
parties (Internet providers) for its performance just as the Client is for its use.
Phoenix Contact shall not be made liable for any disturbances in the area of these
telecommunication services.  

(5) As far as the liability of Phoenix Contact is excluded or restricted, this shall
also apply to employees, office workers, representatives and vicarious agents of

§5 Secrecy

(1) The Parties undertake to not impart or disclose any information obtained from the
respective other Party, entrusted to them during the term of this Agreement or made
known to them in any other way, without the prior written consent of the other Party.
The Parties undertake insofar to commit their employees and any third parties who
legitimately obtain knowledge in the course of the realization to the same level of

(2) The obligation to secrecy under the preceding paragraph shall not exist if the
respective fact certifiably:
        a. Is or becomes state-of-the-art technology accessible to the general public
           without the assistance of the contractual party receiving the information, or
        b. Is already known to the receiving contractual party or is made known by a
           third Party entitled to the transmission, such as the party’s Phoenix Contact
           authorized distributor, or 
        c. Is developed by the receiving Party without the assistance of the other
           Party and without using any other information or knowledge obtained due to
           the contractual relation, or 
        d. Was developed by the receiving Party independently and without recourse to
           confidential information.
(3) The obligation to secrecy shall remain effective for the duration of another three
years after the expiry of this Agreement.

(4) The Parties may disclose Confidential Information of the respective other Party if
the receiving Party is obligated to do so because of an administrative or judicial order
or mandatory legal provisions, provided that the Party committed to the disclosure 
immediately informs the other Party about it in writing and in advance for the purpose
of asserting its rights, and the Party committed to the disclosure undertakes actions 
reasonable to it to ensure that the Confidential Information are treated as confidential.
Any such disclosed information must be marked “confidential” by the Party committed to
the disclosure. 

§6 Data protection

Phoenix Contact and the Client undertake to comply with all provisions under the 
applicable data protection laws. The Parties shall especially commit all persons
entrusted with the processing of personal data in writing to maintain data
confidentiality.  In the event of a collection, processing or use of personal data each
party shall take all the technical and organizational measures needed to comply with
the data protection requirements.  Phoenix Contact protects the privacy of the Client’s
data and account using AES-256 and a 2-factor authentication process.  Phoenix Contact
commits that it will not sell the Client’s contact information to any third party.

§7 Term of Agreement

(1) This Agreement, in particular regarding the granting of rights of use including the
service, shall become effective with the online acceptance of the Agreement by the
registered Client and the first call-off order of a connection right to the Cloud. 

(2) All rights granted to the Client by the respective contractual relationship shall 
no longer apply upon its termination.

§8 Miscellaneous

(1) No ancillary verbal agreements have been made. Amendments and supplements to this 
Agreement are excluded.

(2) Rights and obligations under the respective contractual relationship and these
contractual and use conditions may not be transferred to a third party without the
approval of the other Party. 

(3) Place of performance shall be the registered office of Phoenix Contact.

(4) The deliveries and services (fulfillment of the agreement) are subject to the
condition that the fulfillment is not opposed by impediments due to national or
international regulations, in particular export control regulations as well as
embargoes or any other sanctions. The Parties undertake to furnish any information
and documents required for the export/transfer/import. Any delays due to export
testing or approval procedures shall render any deadlines and delivery times invalid. 
If necessary approvals are not issued the Agreement shall be deemed not concluded with
regard to the affected parts; claims for damages are excluded insofar and due to the 
aforementioned non-observance of deadlines.

§9 Applicable law / Place of jurisdiction

(1) This Agreement shall exclusively be subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, without consideration to its conflict of laws provision. The provisions
of the Vienna Convention dated 11 April 1980 on the international sale of goods (CISG)
shall be excluded.

§10 Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this Agreement be ineffective or unenforceable or should 
this Agreement contain loopholes, this shall not affect the validity of the Agreement 
as for the rest. In this case the Parties shall replace the ineffective/unenforceable 
provision with an effective/enforceable provision which most closely approximates the 
economic purpose intended with the ineffective/unenforceable provision. The same shall
apply to any loopholes.




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mGuard Secure Cloud

Cloud-based Instant Remote Services for a smart Industry


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What is it?


Phoenix's mGuard Secure Cloud offers operators and machine builders a highly secure, web-based method for instant remote services to any machine and production plant within a client's network. The mGuard Secure Cloud is a professionally hosted, turnkey remote-services ecosystem for both the machine builder and the plant operator. Using a standard web browser, service personnel can connect to the Secure Cloud website and, after successfully authenticating, access all relevant client information: locations, operators, service targets (machines), users, as well as their access rights. A quick overview is also made available of all machines currently online and ready for instant remote service.


Is it simple?

Implementing and operating an industry-standard remote services solution can be a complex task. Our cloud-based service remedies this situation, with a turnkey system for industrial remote services for utility operators, machine builders and plant technicians. Setup takes place in a few easy steps with hard- and software configuration provided.


Is it secure?

The mGuard VPN technology uses the IPsec security protocol with strong encryption. This guarantees the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the service staff and the machines.


Is it reliable?

The mGuard Secure Cloud forms a powerful and scalable VPN infrastructure in the cloud, securely interconnecting service staff with machines and plants via the Internet. Operated in a state-of-the-art data center with 24x7x365 monitoring, this ensures maximum reliability and availability to support your machines, facilities and customers.


Where is this available?

Companies from the following countries can use the mGuard Secure Cloud:

// All EU countries
// Switzerland
// Norway
// USA, Canada, Americas

Of course, your service targets (machines) and service technicians can access the mGuard Secure Cloud services worldwide.



mGuard Secure Cloud architecture


Service Workstations

For service workstations, the mGuard Secure Cloud is also available for use with certified VPN software clients: the mGuard Secure VPN Client and the Shrew Soft VPN Client. The mGuard Secure VPN Client is a major component of the mGuard Ecosystem and ideal for road warriors, service staff and teleworker in mobile and stationary use cases. But also any mGuard VPN devices can be used: from USB-powered portable mGuards, devices for the desktop together with PCI-compliant versions.

Service Targets (Machines)

For the secure connection of machines to the mGuard Secure Cloud any mGuard VPN devices can be used. The comprehensive mGuard portfolio allows tremendous flexibility in application scenarios while maintaining high protection. The range varies from industrial-hardened versions with wired and wireless interfaces as well as hazardous location approvals, mGuards for 19" racks together with PCI-compliant and virtualized versions.

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